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Solar PV Payback Periods

What are the Solar PV Payback Periods?

Typically, to see a return on your investment, larger systems produce much higher returns. Solar PV Payback Periods are likely to fall between 10 - 15 years for smaller 1-2.5kWp systems and 6-10 years for larger systems. On top of this your tax free profit after you’ve paid for your initial outlay start from around £5,500 for 1kWp systems and range as high as £40,000 for larger 4kWp systems. Here is an overview of estimated prices for solar panels. This is entirely dependent on many factors, but at the bottom of this page there is an overview of some of the benefits.

Things you may need to consider

When making your enquiries and solar panel choice it is absolutely necessary to look at all aspects including each system’s specifications and performance which, alongside your electricity consumption and other factors will have a direct relationship to your Solar PV Payback Periods.

When a company gives you a quote including predictions of earnings they need to take into consideration many factors making it essential that one of their team pays a visit to your proposed site to take measurements etc as well as speaking to you about what benefits you would like to get out of a system.

MCS guidelines suggest a rates of return that goes well beyond 6% for typical domestic installations. This makes Solar PV an extremely attractive investment, especially when considering Solar PV Payback Periods.

You might be eligible for money back from the government!

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