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Vapor Clean Ltd

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Vapor Clean provide domestic and commercial cleaning services, we combine our great system (Vapor Cleaning) and methods with the right staff to create professional, experienced and knowledgeable experts, who can adapt and combine the system with the correct traditional methods to get the job done to the highest standard possible in the greenest way possible, all whilst ensuring the work is being carried out efficiently and safely and being less labour intensive means always remaining cost effective for the customer.

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Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

No one likes cleaning their guttering, however for some homeowners it is not a choice of liking to clean them but more the question of practicality and safety of doing it.

Safety is the main desire and reason for home owners to hire a professional for this job. More often or not it is either fallen leaves or a collection of moss that builds up within the guttering which prevents the free flow and movement or rainwater. This can then result in severe dripping and if left to long then the weight of water and debris can cause the guttering to snap off.

If you are looking for professionals or want to be connected to local professionals who can help and provide a no obligated quotation then please just submit your details below.

Home Cleaning / Maid service
Home Cleaning / Maid service

Home cleaning service is not a new service, however it is more and more frequent and home owners are taking advantage of the competitive pricing driven by more companies springing up providing this service. It is also a service that does not only have to be for the rich! For example, you are 6 students living in a student flat. You can split the costs 6 ways and become the only clean student house in the UK!

Typically most home cleaning companies list of services include just to mention a few include:

- Cleaning

- Dusting

- Vacuuming

- Washing

- Ironing

- The changing of sheets and making of beds

- Polishing

- Emptying bins.

Most home cleaning companies will ask that when using their service, that you book a minimum of a 2hr service.

It's a magical feeling to open your door and find your home all clean and smelling fresh. Like Samantha from "Bewitched" just wiggled her nose and, voila, everything shines. A reliable cleaning service can do wonders not only for your home but your state of mind. But keep in mind that the value cleaning services offer may go beyond polished floors and spotless toilets. Sparkling windows, pollutant-free ducts and clear gutters and downspouts are critical to home maintenance as well. How much you'll pay for a cleaning service often depends on the extent of the cleaning job and the specialized services needed.

Get free quotes from local cleaning services.

Glass / Window Cleaning
Glass / Window Cleaning

Window and glass cleaning has been perceived as somewhat of a luxury. However we all or at least most like to live in a nice warm clean home, and this also includes the windows we have to look out of onto the world. With the natural elements, dust, rain, car fumes etc our windows can soon get dirty.

The outside of a building is the first thing people see when visiting. Having dirty windows gives a bad first impression. Cleaning downstairs windows at home is an easy job. But what if you have a company with dozens of windows or windows a couple of floor up?

There are many professionals offering the service of window cleaning. If you would like to get a price or more of an idea to how often would be recommended to clean your windows then please submit your details below. Solvari will connect you with local professionals. or if you wish you can search for your self on our "find a pro" page.