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Metro Locksmiths Ltd

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Metro Locksmiths offer a great range of security products including everything from a traditional door lock to the latest hi-tech wireless intruder alarm systems. And as an Approved Company member of the Master Locksmiths Association we are qualified, vetted and inspected. So you can be assured that when you call Metro Locksmiths you'll be in safe hands. Please feel free to call or email us for advice or a quote on:
* Locks - changes, repairs and upgrades
* Burglar alarms - new systems, repairs and maintenance
* Access control - electronic door entry and access systems
* Master keyed systems
* Garage doors - repairs, new installations and automation
* CCTV - installation, repairs and maintenance
* UPVC Door & window repairs
* Double glazed unit replacement

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The main job role and trade of a locksmith is the construction and repair of entire locks. We know them more frequently as the person we call when we have locked our keys in the house.

Locksmiths also provide the service and sale of products such as security safes, and key control systems and if you want to change the locks in your property.

If your in need of a locksmith professional just submit your details below and Solvari will put you in touch with local professional’s who can provide you with expert advice and a free no obligation quote.

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Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems

They are one of the most successful deterrents for both indoor and outdoor security. Almost every intruder alarm (burglar alarm) consists of the three core components. The first of these is a control panel (CP) that is often referred to as the brains or the heart of the system. The second group of components are called detectors, which serve the purpose of reacting to situations such as movement, smoke and even floods. Signaling equipment or communication devices can be seen as the third component within an intruder alarm system. These include the various warning systems used to indicate the actual alarm itself, for instance the flashing strobe lights and the internal or external sound making devices.

The first things you need to do are:

Find an Intruder Alarm that suits your needs & Alarm Detectors and Sensor Types

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Glass Replacement
Glass Replacement

We are all familiar with looking out of the window only to find the view obscured with moisture in between the two pains of glass. This is known as a blown unit. This is just one of the reasons you might want to get the glass replaced in your window, maybe you want to change from plain glass to obscured glass. Or get that couch in that just doesn't fit through the door. Whatever the reason might be, you can change just the glass and not the entire window unit.

If you are considering or wanting to change only the glass in a window, or multiple windows, then please submit your details and Solvari will help connect you to several professionals who can provide you with a completely free and no obligation quotation.


Many types of CCTV

As a buyer it can be confusing when trying to make a decision. Solvari provides a service that helps to offer quality information and specialist price comparison to offer you the lowest costs. Consumers are unique and so are their requirements. For instance somebody might require a digital system and another person might require an analogue one. However, Solvari offers a service whereby you can state your requirements and get specialist information and price quotes from various companies within this industry. There are numerous ways customers can benefit from this. Solvari places them in a position to achieve lower costs and specialist information for decision making.

Find a CCTV system that suits your needs

When buying a CCTV system it is important to consider the overall goal you would like to achieve. Knowing this overall goal will makes it easier to define the specific criteria needed to find the right product at the right price. Here are a few questions that may help you to find the best deal:

- How many cameras will you need?
- Do you know the camera type?
- Would you want digital cameras, analogue cameras or a combination of both?
- How would you prefer to handle recorded footage? How regularly would you like to store and review it?
- Where would you like to do your monitoring? In a central control room with in house reviewers, or would you prefer to use the internet and review from any location?
- What type of recording system do you want to use, a VHS system, DVR or a computer system?

Monitoring and reviewing footage

It is important to know if you would like to monitor your footage in a central control room with in-house reviewers, or if you would like to outsource a specialist company. Knowing the answer to such questions can help you decide if you would want an IP or analogue camera because IP cameras have the ability to connect to the internet and relay images anywhere. It is also possible to receive emails and text alerts whenever there is a concern about particular activities.

Credible Installers

Not only do you have to go through the process of understanding all of these issues, but you also have to ensure that you are using credible CCTV installers. Industry accreditation by the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) helps to certify whether your installation has complied with British and European standards.

To make it complete

You need more than just cameras, You need a complete alarm system.

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If you are hoping to buy new Alarms and Security products, Solvari can provide you with separate quotes from various product specialists in your area. Why not allow Solvari to help you compare offers and find the best deal?

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