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Happy Drains Ltd

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We have been in the business for 25 years and have seen it all, fixing everything from family homes to royal palaces. Our engineers are local and available, so no matter when you find yourself in a drainage emergency, you can be assured by the fact that we'll get there as soon as possible and provide the repairs needed. From water jetting to CCTV surveys to diagnose a more complicated matter, we'll be able to help.
•We are always happy to work for domestic and commercial customers as well as contractors and local authorities.
•Happy Drains love to help, call us for free advice and assistance.
•We believe in, Honesty and integrity, Courtesy, Promptness, Quality, Reliability, Commitment and being Competitive
•A reputable and trustworthy company whose aim is to look after our customer’s requirements by providing a top quality service at the best price, that we hope will impress.

* Domestic is a single dwelling i.e. flat or house who's drains are not shared with other flats or propert

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Drain cleaning / unblocking
Drain cleaning / unblocking
Drain cleaning / unblocking

This is most certainly a job we all try to avoid doing. Most people don't like poking a stick down a dirty hole. When a problem or blockage happens it can often be a nightmare and cause a real inconvenience. Even if you have not got a completely blocked drain yet you are experiencing the following: Slow water draining, bad smells coming from the drain or gurgling noises, it is advised you seek professional advice asap.

If what appear to be small problems are not resolved asap then you could end up with a very costly bill due to damage caused or costly emergency call out charges.

If your seeking a professional then simply enter your personal details below and let Solvari do the hard work and connect you to a local professional.

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