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Central Heating Systems
Central Heating Systems

In the simplest sense, a central heating system is a central unit that produces heat which is then dispersed around a building to control its temperature. One of the earliest central heating systems was called a ‘hypocaust’ and was built by the Romans who used large furnaces to produce heat and conducted that heat under floors and through pipes in the wall. Although technology has come along way since the hypocaust, the principle of how the system works is very similar.

The heat in a central heating system is normally generated through the combustion of fuels in a furnace or a boiler. Boilers come in all shapes and sizes and also use many different types of fuel, see what type suits you best. There are also solar powered heat generation as well as heat pumps which convert cold air from outside into hot air. The heat that is generated is then transported around a property through pipes often known as ‘ductwork’. The heat can be transported in different forms; air, water or steam. The system normally then pumps the heat through to heaters or radiators in rooms to boost the temperature, although there are also special underfloor heating systems where the heat comes from pipes under a floor rather than through radiators.

If you choose for a energy efficient way of heating your home or with renewable energy you might be eligible for grants or cheap loans.

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Solar Thermal
Solar Thermal

Free hot water, lower bills and lower emissions!

Solar hot water can help you to save money, reduce your carbon CO2 emissions and prevent you from depending upon expensive imported energy. Solar thermal systems are easy to install and integrate easily with other heating systems.

Installing a Solar Thermal hot water system will definitely allow you to make an immediate saving on your hot water bills and extend the life of your current water boiler by up to 60%. This is mostly due to the fact that you will be reducing the heavy usage that it could have potentially endured. You will also be placing yourself in a position whereby you could earn a long-term financial reward of tax-free income from the government's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. There are also many other ways to get money back or to get cheap loans to make your house more energy efficient. Have a look at the possible grants.

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Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Many people are interested in buying solar panels. Which makes sense, given that you can earn back your investment in 15 years!

Solar PV can lower your bills and generate cash!

The government is willing to pay for all of the electricity that you generate and don’t use. This means you could potentially earn thousands of pounds. Does this sound too good to be true? Then take a look into the Feed - in Tariff Scheme which was initially introduced by the DECC in 2010. Check the new rate in the Solar PV Payback Periods section or...
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Gas boilers are the most common type of boiler with lower running costs. Brand new gas central heating boilers in the UK have to be over 90% efficient and efficient gas boilers normally use the 'condensing' method, using a highly effective heat exchanger within the flue which reuses wasted heat. Often more expensive to install, but provide long term savings for future energy bills. There are a few different styles of boilers available, the most suitable depends on your properties specifications:

Regular Boiler

A regular central heating system uses the most space as it requires; a boiler unit, controls, feed tank, expansion cistern and a hot water cylinder. It is one of the most efficient systems and a perfect choice for large family homes with no constraint on space.

Combi Boiler

A very popular choice for new boiler installations as it is highly efficient and space saving. Combi boilers work by heating water directly from the mains, so no water tank required, and provides hot water on demand for both personal use and for the central heating. Ideal for homes with limited space.

Back Boiler

Is a device which is normally fitted to a stove or open fireplace to provide heat and hot water.

System boiler

It is very similar to a regular boiler, except that it does not require a feed and expansion tank, which frees space in lofts. But the boiler itself is a slightly larger as it contains an expansion vessel filling loop and pump. The advantage of these boilers is that hot water is pumped directly from the boiler around the radiator system and hot water tanks resulting in faster response times and lower running costs.

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