Good night, we are Solvari!

Young, Fun & Flexible

Our mission

To help homeowners in the best possible way we decided to let the professionals take care of the work on your home. We know that two left hands don't make for a pretty home, however, we at Solvari help by connecting suitable tradesman for your home improvement project.

We help you in finding and comparing businesses across more than 50 different products and services in and around the home. Since our launch in 2009 we have already helped hundreds of thousands of consumers just like you to find the right specialist to perform their job or project.

Our goal and mission is to help everyone realize their dream home.

Working at Solvari

Our young and international team is working every day to improve our services.Together we help as many people as possible to realize their dream home.Do you want to be part of our team and our mission? Check out our jobs!

Dennis van Es Dennis van Es
Vincent Hendriks Vincent Hendriks
Jorrin Bruil Jorrin Bruil
Lenneke Manschot Lenneke Manschot
Johan Hazenbroek Johan Hazenbroek
Dennis van den Bos Dennis van den Bos
Elise van Est Elise van Est
Leonie de Korte Leonie de Korte
Nick de Korte Nick de Korte
Melissa Goes Melissa Goes
Roy van Oostrom Roy van Oostrom
Coen Verver Coen Verver
Calvin Sleurink Calvin Sleurink
Joost van der Meijden Joost van der Meijden
Jon Amoh Jon Amoh
Sabine Ruler Sabine Ruler
Mike van Wandelen Mike van Wandelen
Lisa Versloot Lisa Versloot
Daniel Heymann Daniel Heymann
Shanice Amoré Shanice Amoré
Lesley Velkers Lesley Velkers
Orin Koeteeuw Orin Koeteeuw
Lisanne van Schaik Lisanne van Schaik
Tommy Haffert Tommy Haffert
Alexandra Boissel Alexandra Boissel
Sander Heubacher Sander Heubacher
Gilberto Boekhout Gilberto Boekhout
Benjamin van Putten Benjamin van Putten